Monday, September 14, 2009

The Art of the Apology: How to Apologize Effectively to Practically Anyone

"Without forgiveness, there's no future."~ Desmond Tutu (cited on page 159)
In this ground-seizing book, The Art of the Apology: How to Apologize Effectively to Practically Anyone, author Lauren Bloom has taken her years of expertise as a litigator and crafted a powerful reconciliation plan and mediation resource that can be used in both corporate and non-corporate settings. The book opens with a poignant question, "Why Apologize at All?" Bloom suggests four possible reasons from salvaging your relationships to it simply being the right thing to do.

I am moved by the detail with which Ms. Bloom provides advice that can be used in every day situations thus emphasizing the importance of cleansing our hearts and minds through apologies. The book is written in layman's terms indicating the author's desire to have the book transcend genres.

A well-thought dissertation on delivering effective apologies, steps to take prior to making the apology and the best timing for an apology. These are all indicators of the author's recognition of the central importance of apologies and forgiveness in humanity.

If you are building an organization of any form or involved in basic human relationships-this is a must read!

Lauren Bloom is a Washington D.C. attorney who writes, consults and speaks about business ethis and the art of the apology. She is also a contributing writer for TheStreet.com Purchase the book at www.theartoftheapology.com

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Are You Under LAW OR GRACE: Being Free to Love God Daily by Bob Bennett

"It is vital for you to see the distinction between "law and grace." They are totally separate, but necessary, in God's plan of salvation-and must never be mixed. The law brings condemnation to lead us to Jesus-grace. Grace brings forth life-God's life in us."

While on vacation, in August, I took a few good books to read and Bob Bennett's Law or Grace topped the list. It is an in-depth study undertaken by Bennett to make a clear distinction between the Law of God versus the Grace of God.
Bennett carefully takes the reader through Scritpure after Scripture to ensure that the people of God and beyond know without a doubt that because of the shed blood of Jesus Christ, at Calvary and subsequent Resurrection, and the grace humanity received as a result--we are FREE!
As a Seminary Professor this book lines up with many of the required texts assigned to my students and should make its way to all Seminary recommended reading lists and to your book shelves.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Too long since I've posted...

to this blog! I am so sorry but the time has taught me some very valuable lessons.
1. Ensure that you have the capacity to sustain the volume of business a new venture generates: DvineExpressions Book Club had a highly successful debut at the 2009 Book Expo America. The success has generated unspeakable business that we quite frankly were not prepared to handle.
2. All Self-Published Christian Books are not created Equally: I have read many books, both fiction and non-fiction, and have been pleasantly surprised and disappointed at the same time. However, the process has taught me that destructive criticism is not the call from God but constructive criticism with solutions is!
3. Consult with God with ALL aspects of the business! There are some opportunities that are not divinely scheduled-cancel them.

I have done some reading and want to share with you the great work happening in the body of Christ. Stay tuned for reviews of great books.

Rev. Deb

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

3 Things Every Christian Authors Must Do

As a Christian author I believe I can speak about what we lack with some sense of authority. Having missed many opportunities to stand tall as a Self-Published Christian Author I am now compelled to share those mistakes so that you can advance your ministry through writing:

1) Have a 30 second "Head Promo" of your book. What's a Head Promo? It is the sells pitch you walk, breath and live about your book. You are able to sum up your book in a 30-second sound bite. If you can't do that and you need a book mark or palm card to do it for you-then you've lost potentially as many sells as the number of people you encountered in a day.

2) Carry a copy of your book with you everywhere you go. Every person you meet is a potential customer. If you're on the bus, train, airplane, in a meeting, etc. There is a new opportunity to showcase your expertise in these settings-be prepared.

3) Be available to do workshops/presentations without a fee. As a new author your chief concern must be to sell books. As you begin to establish yourself as an expert in the field-speakers fees will become an expectation rather than a trade-off. Accept the invitation, wow them with your presentation and sell, sell, sell!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rejecting Recession-Pastor Andre Butler shares how in "Not In My House"

I’ve made a decision: I’m not going to participate in the recession. ("Not in My House" Day 1 pg. 4)
As a young Pastor who started a church with less than 10 people I believe I was doing what God wanted. In the first year, I was led by God to lead the people in a Debt-Cancellation Ministry. That was in 2005 when the economic situation in the nation was pretty stable and in fact growing. This was not to be a Mortgage Burning Debt Ministry but a Personal Debt Cancellation Ministry. I used biblical scripture, consulted several financial experts and as a result a congregation of less than 50 people has canceled to date nearly $200,000 in personal debt!

I believe that amount would not be only a fraction of our total debt had we been using Pastor Andre Butler's groundbreaking new book, Not In My House: Take the 28-Day Challenge to Recession-Proof Your Future (Higher Life, $14.99, Feb. 1, 2009). Pastor Butler's book combines all the resources that I have used into a straight-forward and practical manual to achieve financial freedom from the yoke of debt. In the book, he tackles the highly controversial prosperity gospel and successfully distinguishes the ministry's intent from the "get rich quick" schemes that have constantly plagued this legitimate ministry. His great reliance upon biblical authentication of God's desire that the people of God prosper will make a believer out of those who read the book with a desire to live abundantly in spirit, health and wealth.

This 28-Day Guide to a changed heart and mind-set about money and a biblical view of authority over finances and God's favor upon God's people will assuredly lead many individuals, families and churches to a place of confidence in knowing that God truly desires that we prosper in all areas of our lives.
The current global economic crisis is not a time for those who believe in the One who has full authority over all things to shrink and fade away-it is however a time for us to boldly proclaim those things that the Lord has already given us. Pastor Butler says,

"You can be God’s instrument to minister to
a world drowning in recession. In fact, God
wants you to do that."

This is not a book that should be left on a shelf, but one to be adopted in your home finances, church budgets and business administration.

About the Author

Andre Butler is a husband, father, author and an award-winning pastor with 13 years in ministry with 13 books. He is president of Andre Butler Ministries (www.AndreButler.TV) and senior pastor of the 4,000-member church, Faith Christian Center in Smyrna, GA and co-pastor of Word of Faith International Christian Center in Southfield, Michigan. A seasoned media guest, he has appeared on The Word Network, Christian Television Network, TCT and Atlanta Live. He is currently seen weekly on StreamingFaith.com and LightingSource.com which is streamed worldwide on the internet and inspires thousands more with his bi-monthly video email messages. In addition, Butler is also the creator the popular family-board game, The Prosperous Touch and travels the globe preaching the Word of faith.

For Booking Contact: Pam Perry, Ministry Marketing Solutions pamperry@ministrymarketingsolutions.com (248) 426-2300

1st Annual Self-Published Author Christian Book Awards

I am so excited about the 1st Annual Self-Published Author Christian Book Awards! As a Self-Published Author who is also Christian, I am uniquely qualified to take a hard look at our genre and applaud our God-inspired work and seek to encourage all of my colleagues to take their efforts from word of mouth book sells to potential national and international book sells.
So we begin our formidable efforts by assembling talented book industry professionals and peers to serve as Judges in the awards program and announcing the winners at the preeminent book industry event, in North America, Book Expo America, in May 2009. Both these well-planned strategic moves position each winner to receive increased visibility, credibility, industry exposure and adds a legitimacy to the Self-Published Author industry.
All the books entered have excellent titles, content, beautiful covers and if I were one of the judges they would all win! However, we want the process to be credible and without bias and have gathered those who will use a non-biased Judging Criteria based upon a 100% point scale to determine the Award Category (Gold, Silver, Bronze).
The winners will be notified by April 30th providing each with an opportunity to make plans to attend the BEA and the Book Award Reception, to be held May 28, 2009 at the Antioch Baptist Church Banquet Hall. All winners will receive two (2) complimentary tickets to the Reception, Awarded their Medal and given 25 Medal Seals for placement on their books. Winners will also receive discounted passes to the BEA.
In addition, to show appreciation for all the book submissions, DBC will promote each book on its website for six months at no cost to the author-which provides free promotion and will drive business to your website. It's a win-win for all involved!

Blessings and Success,

Rev. Deb